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    sand years old, w●ere banished. No doubt there was an immediate● mitigation produced by the Reformation; but ■if any one had told the men of the {109} s●ixteenth century that

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    it was wrong to■ put men to death for acts of impiety, they ■would have been as astonished, and perhaps mor●e so, than our judges, if they were abused bec■ause, in conformity wit

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    h the law, they visited m●urder with capital punishment■. It is strange, however, that it r●equired so many centuries to understand thos●e glorious words of our Saviour: The■ So

  • Cras dictum enim vitae urna auctor feugiat

    n of man is not come to d●estroy men's lives, but to save● them.[231] The condition w●hich the protestants placed on their ●union with Henry VIII. rendered the allia■nce diffic


ult. 'We only ask one thing,' said t■he Reformers to Barnes, 'that t●he doctrine which is in conformity with Sc●ripture be restored to the whole worl●d;'[232] but Henry still observed ■the catholic doctrine. But he was told● that the Lutherans and Francis I., t●hanks to Melanchthon's mediation, were p■robably coming to an agreement, and that a g●eneral council would be summoned. What■ treatment could he expec

sented when

t from such an● assembly, he who had so grievously■ offended the papacy! Desirous of preventing a● council at any price, the king de●termined in

ed wi●th

September, 1535,■ to send a more important embassy to the● Lutherans, in order to persuade them to● renounce the idea of coming to ter●ms with

Those hast

the pope, and rather to form an all■iance with England. =EMBASSY TO GERMANY.= ■Consequently Fox, bishop of Hereford, a proud ■and insolent cour


tier, and Archdeacon ■Hare, an amiable and enlighten■ed man, with some others, started f●or Germany and joined Barnes and ●Mount who had precede

h■e thoug



o●ns, and rejected {110} his pretended pardon■s and his old wives' stories.[233] Ac●cordingly the pope, in a transport of fury, has● summoned all the kings of the earth to t■ake arms against him. But neither pope nor pa■pists alarm our prince. He offers you■ his person, his wealth, and his sce●ptre

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